Compound Treasury Accounts

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High-Interest Yield

Paid daily to you and your customers.

On-Demand Liquidity

Add and withdraw funds from your account every 24 hours.

Transparent Reporting

Real-time balances and transaction history available on-demand.

Product Overview

Treasury Accounts converts your U.S. Dollars to USDC, a digital dollar stablecoin, and supplies them to the Compound Protocol to generate secure, high-yield interest.

This enables institutions to access crypto interest rates while abstracting away operational complexities including cybersecurity, compliance, private key management, fiat-to-crypto conversion, and interest rate volatility.

How does it work?


Client Onboarding

Get in touch with our team, who will guide you through the onboarding and compliance process.


Account Funding

Wire funds from your bank account and begin earning interest the next day. Interest is earned daily and withdrawable anytime.


Account Management

Receive monthly statements and audits from our team, and request real-time balances anytime. Customer support available within 1 hour during business hours (8am - 6pm PST).


On-Demand Withdrawals

Choose to withdraw any amount of your principal funds and earned interest, and your withdrawal will process within 24 hours.

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