Compound your Crypto

Compound is an open-source protocol for algorithmic, efficient Money Markets on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Earn Interest

Supply assets to the Compound protocol and earn interest.

Stay fully liquid. Assets are supplied to the protocol, which maintains excess liquidity -- not to another user. You can withdraw your tokens at any time (even 3am).

Avoid credit risk. Borrowers are overcollateralized, and every aspect of the Compound protocol is transparent in real-time. The way finance should be.

Always earn the best rate. Interest rates adjust based on the supply and demand unique to each asset; as borrowing demand increases, so will the interest you earn.

Borrow Assets

Seamlessly borrow assets from the Compound protocol right to your wallet.

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Instant liquidity. Borrow directly from the protocol, without waiting for a counterparty or peer. Compound is the fastest borrowing platform in the world.

Use, trade, and short. You can use borrowed tokens to run protocols, or to trade on your favorite exchange for other assets.

Repay at your own pace. Don't worry about renewing or rolling over your financing; Compound allows you to borrow indefinitely, as long as you maintain sufficient collateral.

Build on Compound

The Compound Protocol was built for developers.

Our Whitepaper. A platform-agnostic approach to creating money markets.

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Protocol. A full specification of the Ethereum protocol and API services.

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API. A REST API for market and user data, in real-time.

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