Compound your Crypto

Compound is an open-source protocol for algorithmic, efficient Money Markets on the Ethereum blockchain.

Begin Using Compound

Users and applications can seamlessly earn interest or borrow ERC-20 tokens without managing an order book; Compound automatically optimizes interest rates based on the supply and demand unique to each asset.

Build on Compound

The Compound Protocol is designed with developers in mind; for the first time, applications can easily monetize or borrow tokens. We've designed the Compound Wallet as a functional interface to the protocol; we're excited to see what you come up with.

Compound Web 3Q 2018

A full-featured web interface to the Compound Protocol, used with MetaMask, Mist, or the Ethereum browser of your choice. Supply, borrow, or liquidate positions.

Compound iOS 2019

Instead of storing tokens on an exchange (which can be corrupt, or hacked), your assets are automatically deployed to Compound money markets, and earn interest at the best possible rate, always. See your assets & interest at a glance, and easily transfer tokens to your friends or favorite trading platfrom.

Your Application

We're ready to support innovative ideas built with the Compound protocol, with advice, support, and resources.

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